Muscle Gaining Secrets Review – The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Muscle Gaining SecretsI recently got a copy of Muscle Gaining Secrets by Jason Ferruggia to review, and I’m about to spill the beans on the good, bad and the ugly of it. I’ve unlocked this insanely-popular muscle-building guide, so you can find out exactly what you’re getting into WITHOUT having to spend a dime.

What Exactly Is Muscle Gaining Secrets?

Muscle Gaining Secrets is an intense body-building workout that is designed to pack on muscle while shredding the fat ASAP. I call it a body-building workout, but that does not mean it is only for those who are seriously considering body-building competitions. It can be used by anyone who wants to get a ripped, muscular body.

Who Created Muscle Gaining Secrets?

Jason Ferruggia, Creator of Muscle Gaining SecretsJason Ferruggia created Muscle Gaining Secrets. He is a highly sought-after strength and conditioning specialist in the United States. Over his 15 years of strength training experience he has trained more than 700 athletes from 90 different NCAA, NHL, NFL, and MLB teams. He is currently the chief training advisor for Men’s Fitness magazine, and has his own monthly column called “the Hard-Gainer”. He also runs his own gym in the New York/New Jersey area.

Something that immediately caught my attention about Jason was his own incredible muscle transformation. Growing up, he was never able to put on muscle no matter how hard he trained; he was an original “hard-gainer”. He eventually cracked the code to huge muscle growth, completely drug-free and never looked back from there. The guy is absolutely ripped! I like that he can relate to those who have trouble gaining solid muscle, and it makes him a much more effective trainer.

What Comes With Muscle Gaining Secrets?

Ok, this is the “meat and potatoes” of my review, if you will. Is the content that comes with MuscleMuscle Gaining Secrets program Gaining Secrets actually going to help you get big? Let me say this, I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the amount of information that comes with Muscle Gaining Secrets. After downloading the product, I opened the folder to see fifteen different manuals available for me to study! I’ve reviewed lots of the other top workouts available today, like Turbulence Training, No Nonsense Muscle Building, Athlean X, P90X, and Muscle Gaining Secrets definitely gives you the most content. To be honest, it was a bit overwhelming, I didn’t know where to start.

The first thing I recommend reading is the Muscle Building Secrets manual. That ebook explains Ferruggia’s strength training philosophy. After that, then I would go on to the actual workout routines. Included in this product are different workouts, some for working out at the gym and some for working out at home. Both are very detailed and explain exactly what to do. There are no questions along the way, you just simply do what it says.

Along with the workouts, and just as important is the nutrition guide. Ferruggia’s nutrition guide is one of the best I’ve seen, as it gives you the WHY’s and HOW’s of muscle building nutrition; so you know exactly what kinds of food you need. You also get lists of good foods to eat, as well as daily menus. DO NOT underestimate the importance of your diet! It is at least 50% of your muscle gaining success!

In addition to the two main components of Muscle Gaining Secrets, the workouts and nutrition guide, you also get a lot of nice bonus material. An audio interview with Ferruggia, mass building shakes recipes, supplement guide, and several other short manuals about maximizing your results are included.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As there is a TON of information with this product, make sure you give yourself a lot of time to read through and digest all of it. You will be so much better off in the long run and see the absolute best results, if you spend time reading all the material. DO NOT simply jump into the workout routines!

Also, remember that Muscle Gaining Secrets is a digital product, that means it is in the form of an ebook that is downloaded to your computer. You can print it out in “grab-n-go” format from there. You will NOT receive a physical product in the mail. When you purchase it, you can instantly download it to your computer.

My Favorite Thing About Muscle Gaining Secrets

What I appreciate most about Muscle Gaining Secrets is the quality of the content. I know it may be overwhelming to some, because SO MUCH comes with it, but there is so much good information and advice jam-packed into this product. I’ve reviewed lots of other muscle-building workouts, and like I said earlier, Muscle Gaining Secrets blows them out of the water when it comes to the amount of great content.

What I Don’t Like About Muscle Gaining Secrets

Like I mentioned above, there is so much with this product, I would like to have seen a “quick start” guide or something that breaks the product down into more manageable chunks. It is a lot to swallow and can be a bit intimidating right at first. But, I’d definitely rather have a product error on the side of too much content than too little content.

Will Muscle Gaining Secrets Work for You?

Uhhhh, have you seen the customer testimonials? Those are some of the most impressive muscle transformations I’ve seen in a long time, and I know why. Muscle Gaining Secrets is based on sound physiological facts, and the creator, Jason Ferruggia, knows exactly what he is doing. However, if you do not discipline yourself to doing each workout correctly and maintaining a good diet, you won’t see great results. But, if you do the program how it’s meant to be performed, I guarantee you’ll be amazed at how good you look. It is too good of a program not to work for you.

Price and Guarantee on Muscle Gaining Secrets

The price of Muscle Gaining Secrets is $77. After actually reading through the entire product, I can’t believe it is only $77; there is HUNDREDS of dollars worth of information packed into it, in my opinion. Here is the important thing though – I’m told this price is only promotional, and the regular price is $197. I can’t say when this promotional price will end, and it will go back up to $197; could be today, could be next month.

The guarantee of Muscle Gaining Secrets is a 60-day full moneyback guarantee. You can return the product and get every penny back, as long as you do within 60 days of the purchase date. You can return it for any reason.

The Bottom-Line on Muscle Gaining Secrets

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m definitely a fan of Jason Ferruggia and Muscle Gaining Secrets. I’ve done strength training for most of my life and tried/reviewed many muscle-building workouts, and I must admit that Muscle Gaining Secrets is definitely in the top 3, if not the best strength training workout I’ve come across. If you’re on the fence about it, I definitely recommend purchasing it and giving it a try. If you stick with it (and don’t forget to eat right!) you WILL pack on some serious muscle, I can promise you that.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments, and I hope this review has helped you!


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Muscle Gaining Secrets Instant Download

If you’re interested in giving Muscle Gaining Secrets a try, you can be reading it in a matter of minutes. It is in ebook form, which means it is available for instant download immediately after you pay for it. You can read it on your computer or print it out and take it with you to the gym or wherever you work out.

Also, Muscle Gaining Secrets is backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee, so if you’re unhappy with it after you buy it you can return it and get all your money back. A good thing to know :-)

Purchase and Download Muscle Gaining Secrets here

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Muscle Gaining Secrets a Scam?

I’m asked a lot if Muscle Gaining Secrets is a scam; people are afraid that Muscle Gaining Secrets is simply an ebook that contains nothing but useless junk. I’m not surprised potential buyers are asking this question. The Internet, sadly, has become a place where greedy people can mask a crappy product with fancy “bells and whistles” and slick marketing techniques that fool naive shoppers into buying it.

I’ve done Internet shopping for years, and sure, I’ve been duped into buying a bad product once or twice. I’ve learned from my mistakes though, and no longer fall prey to slick, deceitful marketing. Before I purchase something, I test it against 3 very basic, yet critically important, questions.

1) Is the source/creator of this product credible?

2) Is the monetary transaction handled by a reputable company?

3) Is there a clear refund policy?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, I will not buy the product. If the product passes all three of these questions, I’ll probably end up buying it, confident that it is not a scam.

Let’s test Muscle Gaining Secrets against these three questions and see what we end up with.

1) Is the creator of Muscle Gaining Secrets credible? Muscle Gaining Secrets was created by Jason Ferruggia. That is an easily-attainable fact, simply visit and you’ll see him there. Now, who is Jason Ferruggia? Go ahead and Google his name, see what people are saying about him. What do you learn? You’ll come across his website, and learn that he’s a highly sought-after strength and conditioning expert. He has trained more than 700 athletes in his 15 year career, from over 90 different NCAA, NFL, NHL and MLB sports teams. He is also the chief training advisor for Men’s Fitness magazine.

Now, to me, those facts say that Jason Ferruggia is a credible source who would know what he’s talking about when it comes to building muscle. If, when you had Googled his name, you could find no information on Jason Ferruggia, or all you read were negative things about him and people being “scammed” by him, then Muscle Gaining Secrets would fail the first test question and you would not want to buy it.

2) Is the monetary transaction handled by a reputable company? A lot of time online, you’ll find sites that offer little or no information on their security policy or credit card processing security. Those are BAD sites, do not give them your personal information! But, on the other hand, you don’t have to worry about doing business at sites like or, because you know these are safe and secure companies that process millions of payments each year.

When it comes to Muscle Gaining Secrets, your payment information is being process by a company called is a marketplace for digital products (products that are downloaded instead of shipped to you, like ebooks). Clickbank has been in business for over 10 years, and processes thousands of payments each day. That means they are secure and reputable. If they weren’t, they would have been run out of business a long time ago! I encourage you to visit their website for additional information.

3. Is there a clear refund policy? Obviously, everyone wants a “plan B” when they purchase something. If it doesn’t work out, they want to be able to get their money back. Reputable companies include clear money-back guarantees with their products; bad, scammy companies do not. Simple as that.

Now, does Muscle Gaining Secrets come with a money-back guarantee? The answer is yes. In fact, all companies that do business through absolutely must include a 60 day moneyback guarantee. Also, the refund transaction is handled by Clickbank, not the merchant (Muscle Gaining Secrets). So, you have an objective third party (Clickbank) who is handling the refund. Because of that, you can be sure that you will get your money back if you so choose to ask for a refund.

If the content of Muscle Gaining Secrets was no good, if it gave you simply a bunch of disorganized, hard-to-follow, ineffective workout routines, why in the world would Jason Ferruggia agree to a 60-day moneyback guarantee? It would be stupid of him. Ninety-nine percent of the people who bought it would end up returning it and he’d make no money at all. So, the fact that he is willing to stand behind a money-back guarantee shows that he has confidence in his product, and, most importantly, that it is content that actually will deliver on its promise.

We have tested Muscle Gaining Secrets against my three scam testing questions. And we have logically concluded that Muscle Gaining Secrets passes each question. Therefore, you should have confidence that Muscle Gaining Secrets is NOT a scam, is a good product that is safe to purchase, and will get you results.

Also, remember those three questions when you’re doing online shopping, if you test everything you buy against those questions, you’ll never have to worry about getting scammed!

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me!


Read my full Muscle Gaining Secrets Review

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